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Professor at MSU

I love teaching, I love breaking down complex concepts and relaying them in a way that another person grasps it.

I learned how to do that during my years in advertising.

I love seeing the lights come on in a student’s eyes.

Mostly, I love to see students produce a great idea.

I love helping them realize the potential of that idea.

I guess I was always a ‘teaching’ Creative Director when I was in the advertising industry.

I’ve been teaching the advertising process at Michigan State University since 2016.


When I teach, I focus on the creative and strategic process.

How to come up with an idea and then how to manifest that idea. I don’t want students to just know the process of ideation and problem solving, but rather to understand it.

This will arm them for an uncertain future.


I created a booklet of my Process and a selection of my students' output.

I like what they’ve produced. Some of them I like a lot.

Apart from teaching advertising and design, I try to get the students to experiment with pure creativity. These Passion Projects are an example of a creative idea devoid of a brief or a purpose.

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